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o get the best classes for TOEFL in Nepal, choose YALA Education as we have been providing service to the Nepalese Study Abroad market since more than 18 years. A good score in TOEFL ensures your future in the best Universities abroad. At SSE we help you to get maximum scores by providing you customized test preparation classes.

  • At NEC we help more than 1000 students to achieve their TOEFL requirements.
  • Our average TOEFL score is an overall of 90 out of 120
  • Courses are designed to help students get best strategies of TOEFL
  • Well-equipped lab facility
  • Free Mock Test – everyday
  • Supportive Staff 
  • Instructor with more than 10 years of experienced

TOEFL Test Format:

Reading Listening Speaking Writing

Test Duration: (60 or 80 minutes)

  • Reading Comprehension format
  • Candidates read three or four passages
  • Length of each passage is of around 700 words
  • From each passage 14 multiple choice questions will be asked
  • Likewise, 42 questions to answer from 3 passages and 56 questions from 4 passages
  • Passage and question appear side by side on the computer screen
  • Candidates listen to six or nine recordings and answer 5 or 6 multiple choice questions from each recording 
  • The length of each recording is around 5 minutes long
  • Candidates listen three different types of recording, conversations, lectures or group discussion
  • Until and unless you select an answer you will not be able to go to next question
  • Once selected you cannot return to previous question or change your answers

Test Duration: 20 Minutes

  • Question number 1 and 2 will be independent speaking
  • Likewise, question number 3 and 4 will be integrated speaking that includes, Reading, Listening and Speaking
  • Question number 5 and 6 will be integrated speaking that includes, Listening and Speaking
  • Each response will be either 45 seconds or 60 seconds long
  • Candidates speak via computers
  • Each response is graded in a scale of 4, then converted to 30

Test Duration: 20 minutes

  • Task 1: Integrated Writing: 
    • Read a Passage then Listen to a recording
    • Include the major information from both the materials
    • Type a response of more than 150 words
    • Suggested time: 20 minutes
    Task 2: Independent Writing
    • Essay Writing based on a given topic
    • More than 300 words of Persuasive essay
    • Allocated time: 30 minutes

Why study TOEFL at YALA Education?

  • We cater more than 1000 students of TOEFL every year 
  • Our students have had satisfactory placements to the best universities 
  • We boast of best TOEFL results
  • Keeping the abilities of individual students in mind, our classes are more student focused
  • We practice with official ETS TOEFL questions
  • We provide free Mock Test everyday 
  • Our classes have all the modern equipment required for interactive and technically advanced study environment.
  • We provide revision classes to the needful candidates for one year without additional charges
  • Lab facilities are run throughout the day
  • Small class size for interactive learning

Course Duration

  • After years of teaching experience, we, at YALA  Education, understand exactly what the students need.
  • We focus more on the weaker aspects of the skills, to improve.
  • Our class duration are longest – 6 weeks
  • Reading – 2 weeks
  • Listening – 1 week
  • Speaking – 1 weeks
  • Writing – 2 weeks
  • In addition, regular class test and mock test will help students achieve best results
  • Likewise, students can take unlimited revision 

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